"Kill enemies with your laser wire."
—Description from Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Scorpion is a game mode that first debuted in the Evolved update for Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions.

It is a game mode exclusive to Ultimate and Hardcore Mode. In Ultimate Mode, there are three Scorpion levels, along with one more level in Hardcore Mode.


Every level starts with a standard loadout of one life and no supers, no bombs, and no drones. 

This game mode is reminiscent of Pacifism in the sense that you cannot shoot. But instead of destroying enemies with gates or mines, you have to destroy them with a "laser wire" trail that your ship leaves behind wherever it goes. Your pink trail cannot have an infinite distance however.

Spawning PatternsEdit

The spawning patterns for each Scorpion level are very similar. A typical Scorpion level spawning pattern includes: blue diamonds, wanderers, pink squares, green boxes, purple and yellow splitters, mutators, orange triangles, and finally, pink splitters. In some scorpion levels, red rocks will spawn randomly.



Level Star goals(points) Level Loadout
2. Deathstalker

1 ☆: 100,000
2 : 500,000
3 : 2,000,000

1 Life
0 Bombs

23. Redclaw

☆: 100,000
: 500,000
: 1,000,000

1 Life
0 Bombs

31. Androctonus

☆: 250,000
: 750,000
: 2,000,000

1 Life
0 Bombs


Level Star goals(points) Level Loadout
2. Emporer

1 ☆: 500,000
2 : 1,000,000
3 : 5,000,000

1 Life
0 Bombs


  • Each Scorpion level is named after a species or genus of Scorpion.
  • "Emporer" is actually spelled wrong in the game. It should instead be, "Emperor".


  • Coming soon.