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Geometry Wars 3

It's in 3 Dimensions, get it?

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Adventure Mode

50 levels of geometric warfare.

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Classic Mode

6 classic modes for true geometry warriors

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The Series

What is Geometry Wars?

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GW3Adventureiconmini.png GW3Classiciconmini.png GW3Ultimateiconmini.png GW3Hardcoreiconmini.png GW3Onlineiconmini.png GW3Co-opiconmini.png

Classic Modes

GW3Deadlineiconmini.png GW3Kingiconmini.png GW3Evolvediconmini.png GW3Pacifismiconmini.png GW3Wavesiconmini.png GW3Retroevolvediconmini.png

Multiplayer Modes

GW3Stockiconmini.png GW3Summonericonmini.png

Special Modes

GW3Bossiconmini.png GW3Checkpointiconmini.png GW3Claustrophobiaiconmini.png GW3Rainbowiconmini.png GW3Scorpioniconmini.png GW3Snipericonmini.png GW3Stockiconmini.png GW3Titaniconmini.png

Game mechanics

GW3Dronesiconmini.png GW3Supersiconmini.png

What is Geometry Wars?

Geometry Wars is a game series originally conceived by Bizarre Creations which made its first appearance as a mini-game in the racing game Project Gotham Racing 2.

The player controls a ship that can be both maneuvered and fired seamlessly, this ship is then pitted against increasing waves of enemies of various shapes and sizes, each with their own behaviors.

There are currently 3 numbered main entries in the series, along with 2 spin-offs, the latest game being Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved, created by Lucid Games.

No matter which one of all the different game modes the player decides to play, the objective is to survive, destroy everything that moves, score droves of points and by doing so, climb the leaderboards.

Good luck.

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