Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved is a 2014 multidirectional shooter video game developed by Lucid Games and published by Sierra Entertainment.

It is the third main installment in the Geometry Wars series and sixth installment overall.

The game features multiple new features and improvements over older entries, including a new Adventure Mode and for the first time fully 3-dimensional gameplay.

Gameplay Edit

The player controls a small, highly maneuverable ship that can move and fire independently in any direction. There are several different Game modes and the overriding objective of the game is to score points by destroying a variety of shapes and surviving by not touching them.

If this happens, the player's ship is destroyed and a life is lost. Depending on the game mode, Lives and Bombs can be collected upon achieving a certain number of points. Bombs clear the game space of enemy shapes instantly, although no points are awarded for their destruction.

Crucial to effective play is the score multiplier, which increases as the player collects "Geoms" — small diamond-shaped green objects dropped by enemies upon destruction. The number of points scored by destroying an enemy depends on the multiplier, which can reach into the thousands.

Adventure Mode Edit

Adventure Mode is an entirely new mode played across a large map featuring a large host of different three-dimensional maps featuring multiple game types, some of which are exclusive to this mode.

The most noticeable feature of Adventure mode is that for the first time, the series feature fully 3D levels, these levels come in many different shapes and sizes and changes the gameplay dramatically, some levels might be split in half by a wall, and some might even change the longer a game progresses.

The mode is inspired by the Galaxy Mode featured in Geometry Wars: Galaxies, and some elements have been borrowed and improved upon.

Two features similar to this mode would later be added in the Evolved update, these are known as Ultimate Mode and Hardcore Mode and contain many of the features and adding both new levels and newer ways to play.

Classic Mode Edit

Classic mode is a compilation of 6 game modes from previous installments. Each of these modes are for the most part identical to their original incarnations.

Aside from Retro Evolved, these modes feature none of the power-ups that you would normally find in Adventure Mode. This objectively makes Classic mode the purest way to play the original game modes.

The playing field is rectangular in all 6 modes and there are no power-ups of any kind except for the ones featured in the game mode Retro Evolved.